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A Machine Learning Explanation of the Pathogen-Immune Relationship of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19), and a Model to Predict Immunity and Therapeutic Opportunity: A Comparative Effectiveness Research Study

JMIRx Med 2020;1(1):e23582

784 58 0
Mask Use to Curtail Influenza in a Post–COVID-19 World: Modeling Study

JMIRx Med 2022;3(2):e31955

10 44 5
The Influence of COVID-19 Vaccination on Daily Cases, Hospitalization, and Death Rate in Tennessee, United States: Case Study

JMIRx Med 2021;2(3):e29324

1 31 16
Finding Potential Adverse Events in the Unstructured Text of Electronic Health Care Records: Development of the Shakespeare Method

JMIRx Med 2021;2(3):e27017

17 16 5
Telerehabilitation for People With Physical Disabilities and Movement Impairment: A Survey of United Kingdom Practitioners

JMIRx Med 2022;3(1):e30516

44 13 10
Representing Physician Suicide Claims as Nanopublications: Proof-of-Concept Study Creating Claim Networks

JMIRx Med 2022;3(3):e34979

7 13 6
Mobile App–Reported Use of Traditional Medicine for Maintenance of Health in India During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Cross-sectional Questionnaire Study

JMIRx Med 2021;2(2):e25703

23 12 14
Why We Are Losing the War Against COVID-19 on the Data Front and How to Reverse the Situation

JMIRx Med 2021;2(2):e20617

1 11 6
Technologies to Support Assessment of Movement During Video Consultations: Exploratory Study

JMIRx Med 2021;2(3):e30233

4 10 6
Offenders With Personality Disorder Who Fail to Progress: A Case-Control Study Using Partial Least Squares Structural Equation Modeling Path Analysis

JMIRx Med 2021;2(4):e27907

49 9 3
Lessons Learned From the Resilience of Chinese Hospitals to the COVID-19 Pandemic: Scoping Review

JMIRx Med 2022;3(2):e31272

23 9 6
The Psychological Impact of Hypertension During COVID-19 Restrictions: Retrospective Case-Control Study

JMIRx Med 2021;2(1):e25610

5 9 9
Initial SARS-CoV-2 Vaccination Uptake in a Correctional Setting: Cross-sectional Study

JMIRx Med 2021;2(3):e30176

6 9 11
Machine Learning–Based Prediction of COVID-19 Mortality With Limited Attributes to Expedite Patient Prognosis and Triage: Retrospective Observational Study

JMIRx Med 2021;2(4):e29392

8 8 3
Evaluating Population Density as a Parameter for Optimizing COVID-19 Testing: Statistical Analysis

JMIRx Med 2021;2(1):e22195

60 8 5
Mass Testing With Contact Tracing Compared to Test and Trace for the Effective Suppression of COVID-19 in the United Kingdom: Systematic Review

JMIRx Med 2021;2(2):e27254

17 8 13
No Time to Waste: Real-World Repurposing of Generic Drugs as a Multifaceted Strategy Against COVID-19

JMIRx Med 2020;1(1):e19583

1017 8 2
Information Technology Ambidexterity, Digital Dynamic Capability, and Knowledge Processes as Enablers of Patient Agility: Empirical Study

JMIRx Med 2021;2(4):e32336

8 7 9
Toward Human Digital Twins for Cybersecurity Simulations on the Metaverse: Ontological and Network Science Approach

JMIRx Med 2022;3(2):e33502

79 7 14
Peer Review of “COVID-19 Outcomes and Genomic Characterization of SARS-CoV-2 Isolated From Veterans in New England States: Retrospective Analysis”

JMIRx Med 2021;2(4):e35517

3 7 0
Are We Sure We Fully Understand What an Infodemic Is? A Global Perspective on Infodemiological Problems

JMIRx Med 2022;3(3):e36510

22 7 5
Angiotensin Converting Enzyme 1 Expression in the Leukocytes of Adults Aged 64 to 67 Years

JMIRx Med 2023;4(1):e45220

22 7 4
Machine Learning for Risk Group Identification and User Data Collection in a Herpes Simplex Virus Patient Registry: Algorithm Development and Validation Study

JMIRx Med 2021;2(2):e25560

14 7 4
Modeling Years of Life Lost Due to COVID-19, Socioeconomic Status, and Nonpharmaceutical Interventions: Development of a Prediction Model

JMIRx Med 2022;3(2):e30144

4 7 4
Exercise-Induced Hypoalgesia Following Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation and Resistance Training Among Individuals With Shoulder Myofascial Pain: Randomized Controlled Trial

JMIRx Med 2022;3(4):e40747

18 6 4

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