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Online Submissions

All papers published in JMIRx Med will have originated as a preprint. What is JMIRx?

Submissions to JMIRx Med can be completed in a number of ways. 

The easiest pathway is to first post a Preprint on MedRxiv and then use JMIRx submission forms (e.g.  JMIRx-Med form,  JMIRx-Bio form). 

  • Interesting papers on preprint servers are identified by JMIRx Med editors and may be extended an offer to peer review and/or a conditional offer of publication
  • Authors can self-nominate their existing preprints for publication
  • Authors can submit to JMIR Preprints and identify they are interested in transfer to JMIRx Med in their cover letter 

Existing reviews from third party review services (PeerRef) or PREreview can be used to accelerate publication, and authors can also nominate their paper for the PREreview Journal Club.

For detailed instructions and other submission options see How to submit to a JMIRx journal